Useful Information

Documents Valid passport for each person (even for children from 0 years and older) (and valid revenue stamp) and return airplane ticket. In the event of a journey combined with other destinations, the passport must be valid 6 months beyond the date of entry into the country.

Entry visa Currently not required for Italian citizens.

Vaccinations No compulsory vaccination required. Yellow fever vaccination is required for passengers arriving from other countries of the African continent.

Time difference 3 hours ahead of Italy during winter time, 2 hours ahead during summer time.

Languages English, French and Creole.

Currency The local currency unit is the Seychelles Rupee. Euros and U.S. dollars are accepted at both Cote d’Or Club and the Chauve Souris Relais (for U.S. Dollars only banknotes issued after 2000 are accepted).

Credit Cards MasterCard & Visa (not Electron), and you can use them to pay any extras.

Voltage 40 V, British-type 3-pin power outlets. Adapters are available on request. The electricity supply is not always regular and there are sometimes sudden electricity interruptions (we recommend bringing a torch).

Mobile Phones GSM phones can be used.

Tips While not mandatory, tips are always very welcome.

Climate In the Seychelles the seasons are regulated by trade winds, blowing from the south-east, usually from May to October, with a dry climate and a slightly fresher   temperature. The south summer starts in November until April with north-westerly winds and a more humid and rainy climate. The average temperature ranges between 24°C and 31°C throughout the year, while the temperature of the sea is approximately 27°C-29°C. During the year the sea currents, linked to the winds, may cause the presence of algae and sand-flies on all beaches. Information regarding the climate is indicative only, based on annual averages. We are witnessing a worldwide climate change and thus it is not possible to provide more accurate information.

Clothing Summer and informal clothes, but don’t forget a rain jacket, hats, sunglasses, rubber shoes and a heavier item of clothing for the “winter” evenings (from July to September).

Medicines It is recommended that you bring your own standard personal medicines and other most common drugs such as antihistamines, antibiotics, steroids, anti-flu medicine, intestinal disinfectants, band-aids, sticks with ammonia, ear drops, sunburn lotions,   high-protection creams. We also recommend to contact your doctor in any case for more appropriate advice regarding the type of medicines suitable for the trip. Please remember this is a tropical area subject to sudden climate changes, which can cause an increased presence of insects and can sometimes be annoying. Any such insect/mosquito bite does not normally represent a risk of infection, merely causing itchy skin depending on the different individual pigmentation. Hence, it is highly recommended, according to personal sensitivity, to purchase insect repellent products.

Minors Unaccompanied minors cannot stay at the hotel.